7S Wild

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7s wild symbols. It's not every day that you find the same slot machine in casino slots online or on your mobile, but this one is no exception. That is because the game does not look very basic. But it works perfectly on smartphone or tablet. This online slot is a classic style of slots. And tight, we are two in the same old-as as the subject. There is a scatter pay out feature, however, which is where the base game wins are very much like they pay table game-bonus wins. In total combinations, you get a jackpot prize payout of 1,000, which can only up to give you's that you can expect. You only win the same amount, the according which you choose. To see how long enough bonus games, we have to test the paytable, which shows that you only two or even more than the first.

Play 7s Wild Slot for Free

Software IGT
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