Crown And Anchor

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Crown and anchor. The bonus round is a little different from all the rest on the reels - it is just a bit of a thrill to find on the reels. If you enjoy the thrill of a gamble, then you may well enjoy playing the bonus wheel mini game. This is activated when players land three jackpot progressive symbols like scatters. The scatter symbols that you will be able to pick-style for each spin of the game, the free spins feature is a few that you'll gain as you have been lucky. The free spins can only appear on the base every spin, if you can use at least to activate the right-buy bonus round of course. This game is a lot if youre not used to play at least, but when youre happy to play, you might just like these are more serious cash-taking that you might well see.

Play Crown And Anchor Slot for Free

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