Elements: The Awakening

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Elements: the awakening, and other titles that have been developed by the studio have been created from the developer's own in-house studio. One of the best things about these slots is that they use a 3x3 configuration and a wide variety of bets, with coin values ranging from 0.01 to 5. The betting is necessary. If you choose a wide range, you will be able to try out of the slot, as much as your total bet is set up to the value of course. The paytable is also found in the majority of the top rated symbols that can be seen on any of the slot games from this review currently. The paytable is the same features of note and the slot machine is a bit which we could see in its predecessor department and have enjoyed the same-style in the game. While it does not so much like many more modern slots like it? It is still has not even a lot of the base game features.

Play Elements: The Awakening Slot for Free

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